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2020 15u Michigan Red Sox Team Information

Tournament Schedule 2020






Academy Training Weekend

Adrian College, Adrian, MI

6/18 - 6/21

MCP Invitational

Adrian, MI

6/25 - 6/28

The Great Black Swamp

Bowling Green, OH

7/2 - 7/5

PBR Battle Border

Southeast, MI

7/10 – 7/12

PBR Arsenal Invitational Metro Detroit, MI

7/16 - 7/19

15u Great Lakes All - Prospects Championship

Michigan State University, MI

7/23 - 7/26

15u All Prospects World Series

Indianapolis, IN



*Subject to change

Academy Program:  This program has been a staple for our Michigan Red Sox program.  It is our annual program get together at Adrian College where we work together as a unit to prepare for the upcoming season.  Each year we kick off our season by coming together as a program for high school aged players.  Players will meet at Adrian College on Friday evening.  We will have an orientation, get settled, and then go out under the lights for a two hour workout at Adrian College.  We will be on the field all day on Saturday and Sunday going through various drills and skills as a program and to further develop our players.  The program will be complete at 3pm on Sunday.  This will include all meals and lodging.   This is a mandatory program.  The only acceptable excuse for missing this event is if your high school team is still in the high school tournament.  The high school tournament ends when your team is knocked out and I expect attendance from that point on.

Year Round Training

We are big believers in multi sport players.  We want athletes and can develop their baseball skills.  However, we want dedicated baseball players whose primary goal is to play baseball at the next level.  We expect athletes who play football, basketball, or other activities to commit to “getting their work in” most of the year.  This work is in the form of some training whether baseball skill wise or athletic improvement.  We will have off season TEAM training on Saturdays, at the Michigan Red Sox Training Center.  We expect all team members at these practices for us to monitor your development and set goals and expectations for the season.

We don’t expect the players to play year round or even work out as a team year round but we do expect players to continually develop their game through technique, speed, and strength all year round.  We have programs for players to follow and goals for them to achieve so at the conclusion of their high school season, they will be ready for premiere summer baseball.  We also expect players and parents to assist in communication all year long in order to see smooth results and success throughout the summer.  All players who are part of our program have access to year round training at the new Michigan Red Sox Training Center in Waterford, Michigan.

Driveline TRAQ Software

Each player will be given off-season workouts/drills to do every day based on the players’ strengths or weaknesses. Drivelines’ TRAQ software allows our coaching staff to safely program each athlete and keep track of their progress. This software also allows us to hold everyone accountable for optimal player development.

Prime Time Velocity

Prime Time Velocity is a data-driven velocity program using concepts and protocols from other well-known data-driven programs such as Driveline, Top Velocity, Tread Athletics and Top Velocity. With the developing baseball world and velocity becoming such a major topic of discussion in contributing factor to a person’s ability to play for their high school team, college (any level), and professionally, our main goal for this program is to help every athlete gain velocity and command. By using Driveline's TRAQ software program, athletes get each day laid out so they know what to expect. They also get videos to every strength, throwing, and mobility exercise to allow for constant progression. Athletes record their weights, velocities and mark off when exercises are completed. This allows us to make sure every athlete is doing the work and holds them accountable. With this software, we gain velocity by focusing on six major themes: strength, power, throwing and mechanics, mobility, nutrition, and recovery.  

Prime Time Hitting

This program focuses on the word "intent." Intent, in baseball lingo, can be defined as swinging at a pitch with the idea to do damage at a high intensity. Hitters will use Driveline Baseballs' Axe Bat Program, weighted plyo balls, overload/underload Axe bats, Rapsodo, Driveline's TRAQ software, and med ball and PVC drills based on the hitters' movement deficiencies.  The hitting drills we will use will be focused on achieving great rotational power with natural movements to help optimize your swing. The bottom line is that every hitter swings differently, but it is a matter of creating an environment to give hitters the right tools to succeed at any level.